Why You Need a Balance Board for Your Standing Desk?

Balancing your work responsibilities with a healthy lifestyle can be tough. In today’s workplace, we often find ourselves glued to our desks for long periods of time, leading to a host of health issues like poor circulation, muscle stiffness, and decreasing energy levels. The Gymba Board, brought to you by obVus Solutions is a simple solution to keep your work and well-being on track. It’s a groundbreaking innovation designed to seamlessly implement health and productivity into your workday!

Gymba Board

The Gymba Active Board isn’t an ordinary office supply; it’s a revolutionary concept that transforms how we approach work. Its smart design allows you to effortlessly incorporate subtle, slight movements into your work routine, whether you’re at a standing desk or just taking a break from sitting. By engaging your core muscles and boosting blood circulation, this board invigorates and stimulates your entire body. Your workdays will no longer involve that dreaded mid-afternoon energy slump and you’ll feel vital and energized all day long. As well, its ability to provide a dynamic workout experience makes it a valuable addition to any fitness routine, extending well beyond the confines of the office space. 

Gymba Board with Laptop Stand

The Key Benefits of The Gymba Active Board in the Workplace:

Activates Core Muscles: The Gymba Board engages and strengthens core muscles through gentle movements, resulting in a more stable core area.

Alleviates Back Pain: By preventing extended periods of sitting or a sedentary position and promoting movement, The Gymba Board can alleviate back pain by reducing tension and strain on the lower back. 

Promotes Natural Posture: The Gymba Board helps you maintain a natural and healthy posture during work hours by encouraging proper alignment. 

Enhances Productivity: Research has demonstrated that incorporating movement into your workday routine can boost focus, creativity, and overall work performance.

Boosts Energy Levels: The Gymba Board’s active approach ensures that the blood flows and the muscles are engaged, leading to increased energy levels throughout the workday. 

Maintain Activity Levels & Increase Circulation

The Gymba Board is amazing in its ability to encourage subtle movements while standing, allowing for a continuous, gentle sway. Standing for extended periods of time will often lead to decreased blood circulation, resulting in stiffness and discomfort. The Gymba Board is designed to actively promote blood flow throughout your lower body, reducing the risk of these common issues. Improved circulation not only increases your comfort but also contributes significantly to your overall well-being. 

Combat Health Challenges

A sedentary lifestyle is associated with several health concerns, ranging from back and neck pain to more severe muscle imbalances. Using The Gymba Board can play a pivotal role in avoiding these problems, allowing you to proactively reduce potential health risks without compromising your daily workload. 

Laptop Tower Stand with Gymba Board

Doubles As a Workout Companion

Although The Gymba Board is often associated with standing desks and ergonomic office setups, its versatility extends far beyond the workplace. While it primarily encourages movement and reduces the negative health effects of prolonged sitting, this innovative balance board can also be a powerful tool for workout and fitness routines.

Engages Your Core: The Gymba Board challenges your core muscles as you use it as a workout tool which is essential for stability and posture. Incorporating The Gymba Board into your workouts intensifies core strengthening exercises like planks, squats, and lunges.

Active Workouts: Unlike stationary exercise equipment, The Gymba Board allows for an element of instability. This forces your body to constantly make minor adjustments to remain balanced, using a broader range of muscles. This engaging quality is ideal for improving coordination and enhancing overall fitness.

Lower Body Benefits: Although primarily designed for standing, The Gymba Board can easily be used for lower body workouts. It’s perfect for exercises like calf raises, leg lifts, and even low-impact cardio. The slight wobble provided by the board adds resistance, making the exercises more challenging and effective.

Variety and Creativity: The Gymba Board allows for a variety of exercise and workout possibilities. You can use it as a platform for yoga or Pilates, enhancing the difficulty level of traditional stretches and poses. The compact design allows for a wide range of movements, making it easy to incorporate into your at-home workouts. 

A Means to Recovery: The Gymba Board can be a valuable tool for active recovery, beyond the traditional workouts. Gentle movements on the board can help improve circulation, relieve muscle tension, and alleviate stiffness. It’s a fabulous addition to your post-workout routine.

Stress-Reduction: Including The Gymba Board in your workouts can help reduce stress. Balancing on the board needs mindfulness and concentration, helping with clear-headedness and mental relaxation. Watch videos on how to work out with The Gymba Board!

Back Work out with Gymba Board

Sustainably Made/Sophisticated Designs

The Gymba Board is sustainably crafted with careful attention to detail, using environmentally friendly biocomposite materials.  Its sleek design not only elevates your well-being but also adds a touch of sophistication to your surroundings and easily blends into any workspace. 

Gymba Board

The Gymba Active Board is an invaluable tool for people from all walks of life. It’s a revolutionary product capable of reshaping our work routines and overall wellness. It’s not just a workplace accessory but a versatile fitness tool that can become a part of your exercise and workout routines.  In this fast-paced world where time is valuable and health is beyond measure, The Gymba Board effortlessly connects the two. The time has come to transform your daily routine and take control of your health, your wellness, and your posture. Embrace the power of movement and limitless productivity with The Gymba Board, an obVus solution!

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