How To Check Grace Period In Online Two-wheeler Insurance?

 How To Check Grace Period In Online Two-wheeler Insurance?

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Renewing your bike insurance is equally important as getting a proficient insurance plan in the first place. You can easily renew your two-wheeler insurance online from the comfort of your home. If you are looking to purchase proficient insurance, you can opt for the best-selling Hero insurance, one of the most popular in India. To help you with the renewal process here is how to check your vehicle insurance’s grace period online. Keep reading to know more!

What Is A Grace Period? 

The grace period is the duration of 30 days (usually) given by the insurance providers to renew your insurance plan after it has expired. During this period, no legal action can be taken against you, in case you meet with an accident with a third party. Moreover, it provides you with additional coverage for the time being. You are required to get your Hero insurance renewed during this period. Beyond this time, your insurance will get lapsed and you might not be able to renew it or use its benefits. 

Is The Grace Period Important? 

If you have purchased two wheeler insurance, it is going to expire after a particular period. After the expiry phase begins, a grace period of 30 days is given by insurance providers to get the insurance plan renewed. It is an effort made by the insurers to help people pay for their insurance plans easily, without putting any kind of financial burden on them. It is a point to be noted that this period is not an elongation of the insurance coverage, but a period given to the policyholder to get his Hero insurance renewed as soon as he can. If you are renewing the insurance plan for two-wheeler insurance online, you can do it more easily. 

How Can One Check The Grace Period Of Two-wheeler Insurance Online? 

To check your vehicle insurance’s grace period, there are multiple ways available. If you are looking to do it online, visit the official website of your insurance provider. Once you login into your account, using your credentials, you can check all the details of your motor insurance policy including the grace period. 

Hero insurance has a separate portal for customers to check their details and other essentials whenever they need them. Once you get the expiry date of your insurance, you can easily get the date of your grace period. You can also check the grace period of your insurance policy by contacting the customer support of your insurance provider. The representative will help you with all the details and let you how to proceed. 

Usually, the grace period begins the next day of your policy getting expired. After you have checked the grace period of your two-wheeler insurance online, make sure you go for the payment of the plan to renew your plan. 

What Is The Role Of NCB With Respect To The Grace Period? 

NCB here stands for Non-Claim Bonus. It is the bonus that a policyholder gets at the end of the expiry of the duration of the plan, in case the person hasn’t raised a single claim throughout the period of his Hero Insurance

The 90-day grace period regarding this Non-Claim Bonus is all about the 90 days of relaxation that the insurance providers offer after the expiry of the insurance plan. It is not regarding anything, but the Non-Claim Bonus. Making use of NCB can help you get up to a 50% discount on your insurance plan. Other discounts and returns can also be given to the policyholder. 

Post these 90 days, the grace period ends and anyone who has the policy will not be eligible to make use of the Non-Claim Bonus. Therefore, it is necessary to get the insurance plan renewed before or within the grace period. 

How Can You Avoid Getting Late In The Renewal Of Your Hero Insurance? 

It is absolutely normal and understandable in case a person misses out on the period of renewing the insurance plan due to any possible reason. However, it can be avoided to save oneself from any risk factor of having to lose the benefits related to the insurance plans. If you have purchased two-wheeler insurance online, it is better. This way, you can get reminders regarding the renewal of your insurance plan. Once you get a reminder, you can go for the renewal of your plan. However, in case you miss it, you can get frequent other reminders to keep you informed about the last date of renewing the plan. 

If one wants to enjoy the benefits offered by the insurance providers regarding the plans and policies, he or she must be cautious about missing the last date of renewing the Hero insurance. 

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