What Are The Types Of Email Marketing Lists And Best Tools?

 What Are The Types Of Email Marketing Lists And Best Tools?

Email Marketing Types Examples And The Best Email Finder Tools

To begin email marketing a business needs to have targeted email marketing lists of customers for the targeted industry and country. That brings many business owners and email marketers to a halt with questions; How do I get a targeted email list for email marketing? You can get a targeted email list by using these email finder tools.

What Is A Gmail Email Finder Tool?

Gmail Email Finder tool is an effortless and accessible tool that will save you the trouble to go through various sites on your own and wasting your precious time on finding contact details itself. The Gmail email finder tool helps in compiling a list of verified email addresses for any country and industry. If someone needs to verify and scrape hundreds of email ids frequently.

To help you find the most suitable email-finding tool for your business purpose, we have compiled 3 of the best email-finding tools here.

Cute Web Email Extractor

The Cute Web Email Extractor provides a 99% real and valid email list for marketing. Bulk Email Extractor is a desktop application that can find anyone’s email address directly from websites. The Cute Web Email Scraper is an email-finding tool that uses various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more to find email ids as well as other vital information like titles within the company.

It is specially designed for getting bulk emails for email marketing, hiring, and recruitment processes. The email marketing lists provided by the email grabber are 99% accurate and real.

It has a free trial of 3 days with limitations and paid plans to start with $59 per year.

Top Lead Extractor

Another reliable email scraper tool is Top Lead Extractor. Top Lead Extractor helps you to find personal email addresses and business email addresses from websites, search engines, local files, and even contact numbers of prospects.

The Best Lead Extractor gathers the contact information with relatively high accuracy and within a few minutes.

This is one of the best contact finder tools to build an email list and phone number list. Furthermore, the web contact extractor can scrape social media links from websites also such as Skype Id, Messenger Id, etc.

Top Leads Data Scraper has a free plan for 3 days to check the credibility of the software. Paid plans from $79.99 per year.

LinkedIn Recruiter Scraper

LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor is a simple tool that offers you information about your prospects including phone numbers, email addresses, website links, skills, social media links, and much more from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter profiles and search results. The accuracy of the data collected with this software is 98%. You can find emails from LinkedIn based on location, keywords, job titles, skills, and company names by using this LinkedIn data scraper. It is most trusted and most used by more than 50,000 people all over the world for LinkedIn scraping. You can use this LinkedIn Crawler to collect data from LinkedIn for recruiting, marketing, and other business strategies.

Contact Out provides 3 day trial for the user with some limitations. Paid plans start from $99.99 for 3 months.


This list of email finder tools is created to save hundreds of hours in searching for emails. This time can be utilized more efficiently elsewhere. Email Finder tools are a necessity for targeted email marketing campaigns.


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